Employees’ beware- Off-duty conduct can impact your work

| Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 | 1 Comment »

An employee’s conduct at work and out of work can eventually lead to potential discipline or termination by their employer.  The role of the media is now, more than ever impacting the employment environment and working relationship. We are living in an era where the pictures that you post online or the life you led years ago, can come back to haunt you.  The media scrutiny surrounding Jian Gomeshi, Donald Sterling and Ray Rice are all fine examples.  Their personal lives have affected their working relationship and eventually led to termination or discipline.

In his most recent article, Daniel Lublin, Toronto Employment lawyer explains how no one is exempt from termination based on their out of work conduct. Indeed, only a small percentage of people with positions of trust can be terminated or disciplined without severance.  The others must be paid severance. The allegations made against well-known people and those of trust make headlines simply because their actions affect their employers’ brand. Those who do not affect their employers’ brand but whose behavior out of work is shameful can be disciplined or terminated with cause and is usually upheld in Court.

To read more on this subject and for a more comprehensive overview, read Daniel Lublin’s full article Lines blurred between employees’ work and private life and his column in the Globe and Mail.

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  1. T.La says:

    I definitely agree with what you mentioned here, the behavior of an employee outside the workplace can become the cause of termination especially if you are a personality that is greatly associated with a company. People should be very careful nowadays especially because of social media. But it also should not be overlooked that there are laws that can protect one from unjust consequences.

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